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Our Guided Meditations

This website has several different guided meditations to use daily, weekly or even just once a month. It is our goal to make the meditations easy to follow, fun and insightful.

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Working with Ascended Masters

Connecting with Divine energy helps you get a deeper understanding in your meditations.

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10% of our profits are donated

We believe it is just as important to give.

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Here is a great introductory into guided meditations. 9-Steps of fun and insight.

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Welcome to Meditations For!

At, we provide simple yet insightful guided meditations as helpful tools for self-discover and empowerment.

Guided Meditations

We have several guided meditations that allow you to practice the art of meditation while getting personal insight into yourself and your life. Using visualizations, you stay focused to get the most out of your meditation experience, you will reap health benefits and personal insights. Each meditation is less than 20 minutes and is affordable at only $4.99!

Ascended Masters

Many of the guided meditations on this website work with one or more ascended master.

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“I really loved it!! I woke up with hand issues, so while I was listening to meditation, I was icing, and listening, and it really pulls you in. I felt my lymph system release and sinus stuff go away. My body was cleansing/healing more quickly. I was wondering what the house and cup and key all symbolized within the body. I didn’t see anything, but loved the “this is it” music and the sparklys LOVED! It!!!” Breanah, Lake Elsinore, CA