9-Step Meditation

summer-woods-mcThis guided meditation takes you along a path to nine (9) different steps (locations) where each step represents a different part of your life. Each step is a wonderful insight into who you are, your life and your beliefs. It is very easy to follow and really fun to review afterwards.

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We were gifted this meditation by Rev. Crystal Bujol.

As part of our cycle of energy, we will donate 10% of all proceeds to an organization and/or charity.  For example, some of our proceeds will go to Rev. Crystal Bujol’s organization,  Gifford Youth Orchestra.

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Testimonial –

“I really loved it!! I woke up with hand issues, so while I was listening to meditation, I was icing, and listening, and it really pulls you in. I felt my lymph system release and sinus stuff go away. My body was cleansing/healing more quickly. I was wondering what the house and cup and key all symbolized within the body. I didn’t see anything, but loved the “this is it” music and the sparklys LOVED! It!!!” Breanah, Lake Elsinore, CA